Keywords: economics, learning behavior, cognition, cognitive psychology, decision making, behavioral anomalies, experiments, evolution, rationality, rational expectations, risk behavior, bargaining, choice anomaly.

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Monty Hall‘s Three Doors: Does the Choice Anomaly Survive Communication and Competition?

(with Jean-Robert Tyran, University of St.Gallen)

In a recent paper in the American Economic Review, Daniel Friedman (1998) studies a choice anomaly (the so-called Three-Door-Anomaly) in individual decision making that appears to be robust with regard to several learning environments.Although convergence toward rational behavior is rather weak in his experiment, Friedman (p. 941) asserts that "every choice 'anomaly' can be greatly diminished or entirely eliminated in appropriately structured learning environments."
In a new experiment we find no evidence for this assertion in "institution-free" environments even when the task is repeated many times. However, there is strong evidence that social and economic institutions -such as communication and competition- are able to eliminate the Three-Door-Anomaly entirely.
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Noisy Decision Makers On Errors, Noise and Inconsistencies in Economic Behaviour

(with Thomas Brenner, Max-Planck-Institute Jena) 
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Learning Preferences Over Risky Prospects: Experimental Evidence From Three Countries

(with Ken Binmore, E.L.S.E., University College London) 
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Reinforcement Learning in Ultimatum Bargaining: A Multi-Armed Bandit Experiment

(with Thomas Brenner,  Max-Planck-Institute Jena) 
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The Curse of Private Information: Experimental Evidence


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